HaEshkol 4, Jerusalem

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Mahane Yehuda Market is a culinary destination point of Israel. Located in the heart of Jerusalem it provides a truly authentic and timeless experience.

From the moment you step into the main market alley, you get surrounded by an incredible mixture of smells, tastes and bold colors of all sorts of exotic food and spices from all over the world.


Many people think they know Mahane Yehuda Market well, but they only think so until they visit the market with a special tour, guided by Chef Shmil Holland, followed by a cooking workshop at a restaurant called “Shem Tov”, located in the heart of the market.

You are invited to join Shmil Holland, Jerusalem legendary chef (former chef and owner of the restaurant “Shmil’s Laboratory”). He is an author of a “Shmaltz” cookbook and internationally recognized expert of Jewish cuisine, with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Shmil will take us on a fascinating and delicious culinary tour on the market. Expect to taste some truly amazing things and hear some personal and unique stories from the market local old-timers.

After that we will continue our journey in a form of an interactive cooking workshop at “Shem Tov”, guided by Shmil and our team.

The culmination of the day comes when we can sit back and have a delightful meal, which we prepared together with Chef Shmil. What a perfect day and what a tasty ending.

Be’teavon! (Enjoy your meal)


Shem Tov restaurant – HaEshkol 4, Jerusalem

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