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About Shem Tov

Shem Tov is an authentic restaurant in Jerusalem, Mahane Yehuda Market that provides cooking workshops, culinary tours and local food experience.


Shem Tov restaurant is located in the heart of the famous Mahane Yehuda Market, which is in Jerusalem. On your way to our restaurant, you will encounter delicious aromas, colors, textures, shouts of the salesmen from their stalls. This is all part of a vibrant experience, which will be topped with delicious authentic food that you will find at Shem Tov.

The restaurant is kosher and owned by a group of culinary and tourism entrepreneurs, Yossi Graiver, Yuval Klein and Daria Kuznetsova who had a vision of creating a space where locals and tourists could not only enjoy delicious food, but also participate in cooking it, learning authentic recipes and diving into the world of culinary history together with our Chef. This is how the idea of Jerusalem Cooking Workshops was born.

Cooking classes at Shem Tov are held by chefs from all around Israel. On one day you could meet here a master chef, who is famous not only in Israel, but also worldwide. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, a famous culinary school in Paris. On the other day you could meet here a chef, who is a food historian, graduate of Hebrew University, who lived most of his life right on the Mahane Yehuda Market and knows this place and food traditions better than anyone else.

Our cooking workshops vary from an Israeli breakfast workshop to a gourmet meal with Chef or a special theme workshop such as Israeli pasta, Moroccan fish, etc. All the workshops have an option of a private class in case you want to share this moment only with your friends and family or you can participate in an open group with other people.

Additional workshops are: Israeli beers tasting, tasting of wine coming from wineries from all over Israel, including the Golan Heights in the North and Kadesh Barnea in the South.

Come and enjoy a unique culinary experience in the heart of the Mahane Yehuda market!